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We’re a group of ex-Googlers and ex-Amazonians that help attorneys get a continuous stream of potential clients through digital marketing.

If you are a high performing attorney looking to get a continuous stream of clients so you can focus on your craft then this message is for you. I created AutoClient to prove that any attorney can dominate their local search market on Google with the right strategy and digital marketing tactics.
I've built AutoClient to be the preeminent digital marketing agency for personal injury attorneys and because of that, I limit the number of attorneys I work with in each city to 1 to 2. If you are a master of your craft but are looking for help in getting clients, I'd love to work with you.

Alex Kelly Attorney SEO Marketer
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Alex Kelly
Founder, Developer, SEO
Miguel Sarabúa
Design & Development
Luke Stednick
Campaign Coordinator
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